Oracle Application Training

Oracle Applications is web enabled integrated suite of more than 45 software modules which covers the entire enterprise. Oracle Applications has integrated the new technologies into advanced business practices, such as Internet Commerce, Self-Service, Analytical Reporting and Data Warehousing. Seamtech Conducts both Functional and technical training programs. Functional training covers configuration, setup, and Business Process Mapping and end-to-end transactions. Technical training covers development of Customizations, Extensions, Reporting, Localizations, and Interfaces within Oracle Applications framework.

Major Functionality covers

• Manufacturing

• Finance

• Supply Chain Management

• Sales Force Automation

• Human Resources

• Assets Management

• Projects

• Services

Oracle Manufacturing includes:

 Oracle Bills of Material

 Oracle Supply Chain Planning

 Oracle Master Scheduling / MRP

 Oracle Capacity

 Oracle Inventory

 Oracle Supplier Scheduling

 Oracle Purchasing

 Oracle Work in Process

 Oracle Cost Management

 Oracle Quality

 Oracle Engineering

 Oracle Product Configurator

Oracle Financials includes:

 Oracle Assets

 Oracle Cash Management

 Oracle Financial Analyzer

 Oracle General Ledger

 Oracle Inventory

 Order Entry/Shipping

 Oracle Payables

 Oracle Purchasing

 Oracle Receivables

Oracle Supply Chain Management includes:

 Oracle Inventory

 Oracle Bill of Materials

 Oracle Order Management

 Oracle Pricing and Advanced Pricing

 Oracle Purchasing

 Oracle Sales and Marketing

 Oracle Sourcing

 Oracle Contracts

 Oracle Supply chain Planning

 Logistics and Transportation

 Product Life Cycle Management

Oracle Sales Force Automation includes:

 Oracle Financial Analyzer

 Oracle Applications Data Warehouse

 Oracle Sales and Marketing

 Oracle Sales Compensation

 Oracle Service

 Oracle Applications for the Web

Oracle Human Resources includes:

 Oracle Payroll

 Oracle Human Resources

 Oracle Training Administration

 Oracle Time Management

 Oracle Sales Compensation

Asset Lifecycle Management

• Asset Tracking

• Property Management

Customer Relationship Management

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Applications

 Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis

 Oracle Project Billing

 Oracle Project Analysis

 Oracle Daily Business Intelligence

 Oracle Project Collaboration

 Oracle Project Contracts

 Oracle Project Costing

 Oracle Project CRM

 Oracle Project Management

 Oracle Project Resource